What is ‘Shin Splints’?

Do you ever hear shin splints? What is it? How it can happen? It is a pain where occur in the shinbone or called also as tibia. Tibia is the large bone in your front leg in lower side. Usually, athletes, dancers, runners, and military recruits may have this health problem to their front legs in the lower side. It commonly happens to those who use the legs in often without an enough resting. It will make the pain when you are walking so no wonder if you can feel shin splints from walking.

Anytime you use the legs for running, walking, lift something heavy up, stepping up the ladders with heavy loads, and other heavy loads you carry, it will make the legs bear all loads. And when the legs bear all loads for the longer time, it will make the pain in the lower legs to be more. As the result, you may feel the pain even you are just walking. The over-usage of the lower legs because the loads and other fast rhythm of activities using the legs may cause the pain worse. You need the get the right shin splints treatment.

Shin splints in the medical world are called also by medial tibial stress syndrome. It can happen to anyone but sure the high rates of people who have this pain are in athletes because they have in intensive change of the training routine. The study shows that the high training using the legs, intensive change of the training can make the tendons, bone tissue and muscles become overworked because of the increased activities. If you have this pain in the lower side of your front leg, it may be also this one. It is better to go to doctor.

So, this ‘bone pain’ often happens to them who have physical activities and commonly for athletes. This pain is characterized by the general pain in the lower side of your front leg. It is between your ankle and knee. The pain can be felt in the middle to the lower third of the inside area of your legs. It is the larger bone of two other bones that comprising the lower leg. You can see the pictures to know exactly where the bones are and where this pain may happen to your legs. Look at the picture to clear detail.

Shin splints are said also as the repeated trauma happen to the connective muscle in around the tibia. The data shows this pain happen for about 13% to 17% to the running athletes. For the runners in high school age, there is about 13%. For aerobic dancer, there is 22% and for military recruits, there are 4% to 6.4% and 7.9% people who have this pain. From the data above, it shows that all physical athletes or the high intensive of physical training may cause the pain worse.

If you have this pain too, the good solution is going to doctor to know the current condition of the tibia or your bones in the lower side of your front leg. After knowing the latest condition, they you can go for the treatment. It can be a homemade treatment or following the instruction from the doctor. It may needs several times to make the pain is removed. Be patient and do the treatment of care in routine is the key.

If you feel the Shin splints at the first time, where usually it is not worse, you can just use a homemade treatment if it is not too painful. If it is painful and you can bear it, it is better to go to the doctor. It is because the problem can be more serious. Therefore, getting the first opinion from the doctor and second opinion from the other information you can get from many articles about the pain can make you feel much better.